What is “Bren’s Voice?”

Bren exited a high-control 12-step group psychotherapy cult in 2021. This Substack is one of Bren’s many methods for healthily processing and sharing her experiences and reclaiming herself and her life. Bren has been in a writing group for survivors since only 2 months after she got out and has been a writer for the majority of her life, and Bren has found that writing with others week-by-week grounds and reveals and moves her through that which can sometimes feel impossible.

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After over a decade inside a high-control cult masquerading as a popular, helpful yet eccentric 12-Step group psychotherapy practice & community led by a licensed psychiatrist - Bren rediscovers what is real.


some things clear. some things hazy. I do not claim perfection or completion. I claim the right to speak.